Terms of Service

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Terms of Service

SytesHosting gives facilitating administrations to customers around the world, and we have an obligation to secure every customer and to offer the best types of assistance accessible. All enlisted customers of SytesHosting (syteshosting.com) consent to and are dependent upon our Acceptable Use Policy, Privacy Policy and the accompanying Terms of Services: Clients recognize that the help gave is of such a nature that assistance can be hindered for some reasons other than the carelessness of SytesHosting and that harms coming about because of any interference of administration are hard to learn. Hence, customers concur that Hostking will not be obligated for any harms emerging from such causes past the immediate and select control of SytesHosting. Endorser further recognizes that SytesHosting’s risk for its own carelessness may in no occasion surpass a sum comparable to charges payable by supporter for administrations during the period harms happened. In no occasion will SytesHosting be expected to take responsibility for any unique or noteworthy harms, misfortune or injury.

Indemnification Policy




You consent to utilize all SytesHosting administrations and offices at your own danger. SytesHosting explicitly repudiates all guarantees of dealer capacity and qualification for a specific reason. In no occasion will SytesHosting be at risk for any misfortune, or loss of information, or other business harm, including however not restricted to extraordinary, accidental, important or different harms. Customers concur that they will protect, repay, save and hold SytesHosting innocuous from all possible requests, liabilities, misfortunes, expenses and claims, including sensible lawyer’s charges affirmed against SytesHosting, its representatives, its clients, officials and workers, that might emerge or result from any assistance gave, performed, consented to be performed or any item sold by its clients, its representatives, workers or allots. Customers consent to safeguard, repay and hold innocuous SytesHosting against liabilities emerging out of any injury to individual or property brought about by any items sold or in any case dispersed regarding SytesHosting’s organization. SytesHosting maintains all authority to mediate with any site/information facilitated on its servers/network in light of a legitimate concern for its customers. Any material provided/facilitated by a customer that is encroaching or purportedly encroaching on the restrictive privileges of an outsider copyright proprietor are dependent upon expulsion from SytesHosting’s servers/organization. SytesHosting will be the sole adjudicator of what disregards this strategy.

Right now, we charge month to month, quarterly, semi-yearly and yearly, contingent on the arrangement. We give a 7-day cash back (discount) ensure. Each discount demand should be submitted utilizing our help ticket framework situated on your dashboard. Each discount demand is assessed dependent upon the situation – relying upon the circumstance, no discount, full discount or halfway discount will be given. In the event that a discount isn’t given, a record credit might be given. SytesHosting will just issue a discount or credit inside 7 days after the underlying sign up date of the assistance. Hence, SytesHosting holds the option to give or deny any discount or credit demand – not influenced by date. (For some extraordinary offers, the unconditional promise day will be differed; Domain Name enlistment/move fee(s) are non-refundable. A few installments are non-refundable yet may get a record credit. To forestall misuse, just a customer’s first receipt is qualified for a discount except if expressed in any case. We acknowledge Visa, Master Card and PayPal. All administrations are arrangement, liberated from any expenses or charges. Customers are urged to pay by Stripe or Square as it is the least demanding way of dealing with installments as of now. There are no agreement periods except for each progressive period, your agreement is naturally restored except if we are told in any case.

Uptime Guarantee


SytesHosting offers every customer with a 99.9% uptime ensure. If a 99.9% uptime (estimated each month) isn’t met, customers will be qualified to get a credit(s) in view of the circumstance and measure of personal time. Anyway credit(s) may not be accommodated sure occasions, for example, DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) assaults, booked support, reboots, equipment substitutions and invalid courses. To get a “pay” credit, the customer should do as such by making a solicitation by opening a charging ticket or by messaging support. SytesHosting’s organization is DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) ensured, we can’t ensure any level/kind of insurance. We are regularly ready to ensure against different kinds of assaults up to 20Gbps. Assaults that are bigger than this will bring about the objective IP address being invalid steered. We are not answerable for any personal time or execution diminishes brought about by DDoS assaults.


Limitation of Liability


SytesHosting will not be liable for any asserted harms, including accidental and weighty harms, which might emerge from SytesHosting servers going disconnected or being inaccessible under any circumstance. Besides, SytesHosting will not be answerable for any asserted harms, including coincidental or noteworthy harms, coming about because of the debasement or cancellation of any site from one of SytesHosting servers. All harms will be restricted to the quick end of administration.




All administrations are charged by the dates they were first enacted on. If you don’t pay for administration reestablish inside 7 days after deactivation, your administration will be suspended. If you don’t pay for administration restore inside 30 days after deactivation, your administration will be ended. You will get an email update 7 days until deactivation. A punishment expense will bring about if an installment with a mistaken sum is made to SyesHosting. At the point when a discount is produced using SytesHosting, an exchange charge happens for our benefit of the aggregate sum paid from the customer. A punishment charge of 10% from the aggregate sum paid by the customer will be deducted. SytesHosting won’t be responsible to give the full discount that surpassed the underlying sum expressed on solicitations.


Non Refundable Services:

Domains Registered
WHMCS Licences
cPanel Licensing

Note the above are included in many VPS or Reseller packages hence the cost may be subtracted from the total amount before refund is completed.




You concur that SytesHosting might alter this arrangement whenever without notice to you. You consent to keep informed regarding any progressions to this arrangement by checking the SytesHosting on an intermittent premise on the declaration pages




Credits on accounts due erroneous charging by Billing office will be handled right away. Pulls out for Affiliate Credits or installments can require 21 days. Credits to ledgers must be completed 21 days from demand


SMS Notifications


SytesHosting will send a sms notice to all clients who have not quit getting sms warnings when the accompanying happens:

  • Invoice is generated
  • Third Overdue Invoice is generated
  • Domain Expires
  • Service is Suspended



Clients May decide to quit to any of our showcasing during enlistment, Our customer region, SMS, Email, and so on

You consent to permit us to advertise and furnish you with new data of our administrations through sms, email, whatsapp,etc. except if you quit through SMS or some other means.

We will hold fast to the POPI Act of South Africa anyway if you might want us to eliminate you compassionately contact support or handicap it by means of your customer region.


Space Purchases are non-refundable. Move charges are non-refundable when space is moved If you are enrolling or moving an area name you should likewise consent to the Domain Name Registration Agreement. Space name WHOIS records should be on the OWNER’s subtleties not simply the RESELLER or SytesHosting. Areas will be reestablished at similar cost as new enlistments. The current evaluating is shown on our site. Space reestablishment updates will be emailed ahead of termination to the location put away in your customer region. Spaces are ONLY auto reestablished with a positive credit balance containing sufficient assets to recharge the area/s

Following 10 days (COM) or 29 days(International) of being terminated, spaces enter the reclamation time frame. Now, a reestablishment charge of $493.52 (.com and so on) and  $28 (co.za,org.za,etc.) for nearby areas to restore the space name. SytesHosting will demand that you to pay this expense until the 30th day past lapse and we will attempt to restore it(However note paying on the last day isn’t suggested and is hazardous), after which the space will presently don’t be accessible and may must be re-enrolled when it becomes available.If Invoices are not paid ontime by due date and area has terminated and reclamation stage passed the receipt might go into dropped state as it will currently should be re-enlisted

Should a lapsed area enter the recovery time frame, the expense of reestablishing the space will be close to $209.88. Costs to areas can change suddenly at whenever. We will tell clients inside 24 to 48 hours of such a change Kindly note we don’t enlist premium domains(Domains with 3 characters). In the event that under any condition a top notch space is enlisted there might be an extra expense Should an affiliate’s customer reach us to recharge an area we will help just in such a solicitation. Compassionately note and guarantee every one of your areas are recharged when and as they ought to be, generally you have 10 (COM) or 30(International) days after expiry to pay before a space goes into reclamation stage. If it’s not too much trouble, pay before(early) to guarantee all goes through effectively and you don’t free your spaces

We don’t help customer’s customers in at any rate – it is against strategy and exploitative to do as such. Free Domain Registration for some yearly bundles applies to the accompanying expansions as it were: .co.za,.org.za,.web.za,.net.za

On the off chance that under any circumstance your space isn’t registered,renewed or moved accurately, SytesHosting, its chiefs, specialists or workers WILL UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WHATSOEVER BE LIABLE under any circumstance including human blunder. Consequently if it’s not too much trouble, make sure that your area is registered,renewed or moved accurately consistently. We will anyway put forth a valiant effort to help overall quite well in moving and enrollment of every single domain.Should an affiliate’s customer reach us to move an area we won’t help except if composed assent from our customer is given or Form 2 of COM (Uniforum) is finished with appended testimony


Loss Or Corruption Of Data


You acknowledge and agree that SytesHosting is not and shall not be responsible or liable for any loss of any kind (including lost profits) or corruption of data that you may experience on the Services or otherwise, nor are we required to return to you any data that you have stored on the Services. This includes, without limitation, the loss or corruption of data resulting from the suspension, deletion, or modification of your web pages or the SytesHosting site, network, system, or server “crashes” or outages, or other power outages, damage caused by viruses, worms, or security breaches, file corruption, and any other cause. We recommend that you to maintain backup versions of your web pages and related information to help protect yourself against such losses. We however do server backups daily and account weekly backups and have and will continue to do our utmost to protect all our clients even free hosting client’s data to the fullest extent with all our backup software and servers.




Term. This understanding will be successful upon while applying for facilitating administrations from SytesHosting.

You might end this Agreement promptly under any condition whatsoever time by sending letters to support@syteshosting-com.us.stackstaging.com

End by SytesHosting.

At the point when record is dropped and ended reinforcements are just saved for a time of multi week. If it’s not too much trouble, reach us inside multi week if you require reinforcement of your dropped account.



SytesHosting can’t be expected to take responsibility for framework personal time, accidents, or information misfortune. SytesHosting has the option to end, suspend or drop any customer as well as any help without notice or discount. We can’t be expected to take responsibility for any anticipated gauge of benefits/pay in which a customer would have acquired if their administration was working. Certain administrations given by SytesHosting are exchanged. Consequently, certain gear, steering, programming, and programming utilized by SytesHosting are not straightforwardly possessed or composed by Hostking. In addition, SytesHosting holds no obligation regarding the utilization of our customers’ records. If any of our terms, approaches or conditions are neglected to be followed, the customer account being referred to might be deactivated just as all administrations/items connected to it. We maintain whatever authority is needed to eliminate any record without early notification under any condition without compensation as SytesHosting sees fit. SytesHosting isn’t liable for any customers records, information or activities. Besides, SytesHosting holds the option to change any or all of the above Policies, Guidelines, and Disclaimer without notice.

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